11 August 2008

Letter to Editor: Kellon Hill Murder

I've just sent this letter to the RG Editor. I don't know if it will be published.

11 August 2008
To: The Editor, The Royal Gazette

Dear Editor,

The murder of Kellon Hill marks yet another tragic moment in Bermuda’s history. As our island’s youth literally kill themselves, we are losing our Island’s most important resource: the future. But we can only blame ourselves.

We begrudge our police a pay rise, yet we spend millions of dollars on golf courses. We can’t properly educate our children, yet we spend millions of dollars on a music festival. We can’t make our community safe enough for people to assist the police, yet we send money to the Playboy Mansion.

Ask yourself, what would you give up to ensure that our future gets the education it needs? What would you give up so that our children could safely walk down the road at night?

When you decide, call your Government representative and tell them to get their priorities straight. Tell them to stop chasing the glitz and start working with the Island to solve our real problems.

Douglas S. J. De Couto, Ph.D.

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Anonymous said...

Kellon is my cousin and five months ago my family lost Matthew Clarke (also Kellon's cousin). Bermuda used to be a place that was safe and Bermudians looked out of one another, what happened to that way of life?