13 November 2008

Just the Facts

More fact-checking on the PLP blog. They write:
The response was that 24 members of the House of Assembly who were elected as independents morphed into the UBP in 1964. The electorate was voiceless in the formation, and this is an ignominious blot that forever stains the pages of our Parliamentary history.

That's actually false: the electorate was not voiceless about the formation of the UBP: they could have chosen not to vote for those MPs again. But they continued to, for the next thirty years!

Also, the blog-that-shall-not-be-named accuses the UBP of "racial sins". I guess those sins would include such things as:

  • Creating the Human Rights Act;
  • Desegregating schools;
  • Creating the Small Business Development Corporation to empower small business entrepreneurs, primarily blacks;
  • Commissioning the Clark Report to work towards improving racial issues in Bermuda;
  • Creating CURE;
  • Building low-cost housing throughout the island, such as up in St. Georges and by Morgan's Point.

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