08 November 2008

How much racial bias is there, really?

In the aftermath of Obama's win, there's been a few interesting articles about whether or not predictions of racial bias are really true. Check out Where have all the bigots gone? ("Was this election a landslide defeat for the researchers labeling most Americans as 'unconscious' racists?") and Tolerance over race can spread, both from the NYTimes (and interlinked). Perhaps some of us are getting too worked about things...


Anonymous said...

are u really asking where all the racists are???

firstly, just the fact that you are asking that question shows that you lack a complete understanding of racism... BUT if you want to know about racism in the USA after the election of Barack Obama please take a look at the following news links.





Clearly, white supremacy as both individual attitutdes AND institutional policies & practices has not gone anywhere! We all need to get real & admit that the election of Obama has not cured western white society of its racism/white supremacy.

There is so much more left to do in the USA & in Bermuda.

Douglas S. J. De Couto said...


Please read some more of the entries in my blog, I think you will gain a more accurate understanding of m views on the existence of racism... That is, yes it exists.