29 July 2008

Attendance at the Emancipation March

Let me note who was and who was not at last night's march to celebrate Emancipation.

Present: Numerous UBP MPs, Senators, and candidates, including the Leader of the Opposition, Kim Swan. Minister of Culture and Social Rehabilitation Dale Butler, Senators Marc Bean and Thao Dill.

Absent: Premier, Deputy Premier, acting Premier, or any other cabinet members or senior PLP MPs and senators.

From the RG, Mr. Butler said "This Government believes that it is important to celebrate and honour the emancipation of Bermuda's bonds people as one of the momentous events in our country's history." Well all I can say is that you wouldn't have known that from attendance at the march.

But that's OK, I am sure they had a more important event to attend.


Anonymous said...

Whilst I appreciate your keen observation on the attendance at the Friendly Society March, I note that it was only one of a number of Emancipation events in the last couple weeks. Having attended the Rubber Tree Ceremony, the Tucker's Town Service of Praise and the Sally Bassett play I can categorically state that there was very little UBP presence at those events but the Government was well represented.

It seems to me that UBP MPs and candidates had no problem attending a centrally located event starting in Hamilton after work. Perhaps the interest in Emancipation events doesn't extend outside the central parishes or beyond the work week.

There certainly doesn't appear to be any desire amongst the UBP's MPs and candidates (other than yourself) to engage in discussions on race. I specifically refer to the BRRI sessions, not the private meetings taking place in the cloistered seclusion of the branches.

Anonymous said...

I recognise that style. Ms Furbert me thinks!

Anonymous said...

I should have added that in the final analysis, whether to attend or not was a simple matter of choice for the PLP MP's.

Nothing more - and nothing less than that.