16 August 2009

Worlds: Day 1

Today was the first full day in SF. The plan was: unload truck, stick mast in & do some simple rig work, buy wetsuits, and go sailing. Along the way we would find the measurer and get that sorted out.

Here what really happened:
  • Guys showed up early to unload the truck, so it was done by the time I showed up at 10am.
  • Gareth was a little late from a party last night, but since the truck was unloaded I told him to take his time.
  • Futz around with covers and tools and moving stuff to the storage container.
  • Measure the rig & black bands, am found by the measurer, he will want to do it all again anyway.
  • Chat with arriving 505 sailors. Gareth knows everybody. Or at least they know him from when he was living in the container at his previous worlds.
  • Put the mast in, forget the forestay, tip the boat over and install it.
  • Pack up tools & sails & car.
  • Eat lunch.
  • It is now 2pm, not sure how that happened.
  • Spend an hour getting lost in SF trying to find the surf shop. At least is very pretty and beautiful weather
  • Find surf shop, all their suits are very expensive.
  • Find another surf shop, basically by luck on our way back to the club. I buy the cheapest thing that fits, but Gareth likes what he has relative to what's on sale -- they are only selling full-body suits with long arms.
  • Back to the club, it is now 4.30pm, we have n hour to work on the boat before heading back to meet our hosts and get keys, find the place we are staying, etc.
  • In one hour manage to stick on the mast ram calibration scale. Obviously this involved lots of talking to other 505 sailors about various topics, such as "what does this rope do"...
  • Back to where we are staying, clean up, find grocery store, eat food, write blog posts, and realize body is telling me it's 2am in the real world...

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Ken Benet said...

All sounds so very, very cool. Glad to hear that BBR went well. Extremely impressed that you know what all the strings do. Looking forward to hearing about your first day on the water.