24 January 2010

Browse Bermuda Election Results On-line

I've just finished the first version of a simple website which lets you browse Bermuda election results on-line, by election, constituency, or candidate. Visit the website at http://webapp.decouto.bm/elections, and let me know what you think.

(This is a newer version of something I did year before last: old blog post)

From the 'about' page:

About this site

This site was created by Douglas De Couto to make available historical Bermuda election data. It uses data pulled from the Bermuda Parliamentary Registrar, which has then been cleaned up and cross-referenced (e.g. the same candidate sometimes appears in multiple elections but under slightly different names).

It was created using Django

How you can help

If you like this site and would like to contribute, I welcome collaboration in the following areas:

  • Getting pictures for more candidates.
  • Biographies for candidates.
  • Catching any errors in names, dates, etc.
  • Finding and entering election results from before 1989.
  • Site design... as you can see I am not much of a designer.

If you'd like to help, or just make a comment, contact me by emailing decouto -at- alum.mit.edu. (substitute '@' for '-at-')

Thank you to the Registrar for making the original data available online.

Reporting problems

If you see a problem in the website or with the data such as a misspelling or incorrect election result, please email me.

1 comment:

Sarah V said...

I love Bermuda! I have been there a few times, and cant wait to go back, I am glad to see someone working on sharing Bermuda politics, thanks!

Last time we visited, we followed this site here,

It helped us pick places to eat, places to stay and what to do beside sit on the beach all day:) My hubby and I are talking about moving there one day, I wish!