04 December 2008

Charlie Swan Wins By-Election

(Note: edited to fix my math for the percentages!)

Charlie Swan wins by-election in Southampton.

I'm happy.

The article in the Sun is titled: "UBP hangs on to seat". Charlie won by 427 to 312 against Marc Bean, with 58% of the 784 vote turnout. In last year's election, Jon Brunson won by 548 to 406, with 57% of the 954 vote turnout. The turnout for this by-election was 18% less than last year's general election.

If you like election data, I have a compilation here, or you can browse around the Parliamentary Registrar's website.


Anonymous said...

Hi Douglas,

I am still waiting for you to substantiate your comments in an earlier post about Marc Bean RE finances.



Anonymous said...

I agree, Doug,

Can you substantiate your claims or was this just electioneering on your part?