18 September 2008

Not so Merry, Man

Regarding my previous post on commercial advertising littering up our public parks at rush hour, I see now that the promoter of the upcoming Merry Men concert has decided they've got the right to stick their signs all over East Broadway.



Anonymous said...

Yep - it is disgusting. Monkey see monkey do though... remember the AIDS billboards?

Someone needs to crack down on it, but I don't see it ever happening unfortunately. We shall soon look like every other Carribean island with billboard signs up everywhere. What a shame.

Not like there isn't a law about it, just no enforcement, just like speeding.

ADVERTISEMENTS REGULATION ACT 1911 (revised 1989) covers it, and anyone can complain to a magistrate, who can issue a summons, and then order the person to take down the sign within a specified time period. If they fail to comply they are fined $720.

Search http://www.laws.gov.bm/

Anonymous said...

The issue is that Government is setting the standard by placing roadside ads of its own along East Broadway. The tone was set a number of years ago when PHC had a small billboard on Middle Road for Ewart Brown and El James, and more recently when Bermuda Network News mounted one on Court Street. Now everyone from government departments to not-for-profits to entrepreneurs are using East Broadway to pitch their wares. It's all part of the rapid urbanisation of Bermuda.